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Hello World

· 2 min read
Adam Berger

Everywhere you look, you'll find little bundles of state with little snippets of logic.

A user onboarding tutorial, general user activation state, a document that can be created, shared, and edited, a workflow to approve a piece of content, a rate-limited call to an external API.

There is nothing more annoying than discovering that you need yet another little bundle of state. State needs a place to live, its access patterns become hard to change at scale, changes and reads require careful authorization logic, and the structure of the state at rest rarely matches exactly what we want for the potentially-simple logic that we need to apply to it.

What if these little bundles of state and logic could live in a simple file, next to their authorization logic, came with their own simple-as-memory consistent data storage, and took one command to deploy?

Answering that question led us to build State Backed, the XState backend as a service.

You can now launch any XState state machine as an API-accessible, persistent state machine in the cloud with one command.

Send events and read instance state from your frontend or backend with simple, end-to-end authorization for every end-user and every action.

Check out our quick start to launch your first machine in the next 5 minutes.